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Commercial Lines

The insurance options under Commercial Lines are numerous and vary greatly. This is where you will find coverages for just about any type of business operation that you can imagine. From small lawn-care businesses to million-dollar real estate investment companies, I can find the right insurance package to protect your business investment.

The process for securing commercial insurance is quite a bit more involved than for
Personal Lines. I will begin the process by gathering pertinent information about the owner of the business, about the business itself, and other information that will help determine the exact types of additional coverages that will be required. For example, a small doctor’s office may only need to be covered under general liability, business personal property, worker’s compensation and flood, while a larger medical surgery center will need additional coverages to protect against potential losses related to the specialty services provided.

Always be sure to review your own particular insurance policy as it may exclude certain coverages, include additional coverages, and/or extend coverages in certain situations.

If yours is a start up business and you feel intimidated by the insurance buying process, call me right away. I will make sure you understand what is going on every step of the way.

If you are shopping for a lower premium, I have access to an extensive insurance market of some of the highest rated companies available today. If I can't find you a lower premium, you will at least walk away knowing that the premium you are paying is competitive in the marketplace.

Here are some of the insurance categories that fall under Commercial Lines:

General Liability

Commercial Property

Business Income & Extra Expense (Business Interruption)

Professional Liability
Crime Insurance
Commercial Automobile
Inland Marine
Equipment Breakdown Coverage
Farm Coverage
Business Owner’s Insurance
Workers’ Compensation
Commercial Flood Insurance
Business Umbrella Insurance
Surety Bonds
Commercial Boat Owners’ Insurance
Aviation Insurance

Commercial Umbrella

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